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Affiliated organizations

We always go the extra mile to provide the best service to our clients. That’s what makes us an asset to your investments. To that end, we seek out partnerships with other organizations. Because sometimes you can achieve more when you work together. We regularly join forces with the affiliated organizations below:

Aegon Cappital

Aegon Cappital is the result of the combined strength of premium pension institutions Aegon PPI  and Cappital. Aegon Cappital focuses on providing defined contribution schemes for larger employers  and for small and medium-sized enterprises. Aegon Cappital is an initiative of Aegon and TKP Pensioen, which performs all the pension management activities for the PPI. We are proud that Aegon Cappital has selected us as one of its partners for outsourcing its asset management. If you are interested in defined contribution  solutions, visit: aegoncappital.nl

TKP Pensioen

TKP PensioenStarting as the administrative organization for PTT Nederland’s pension fund, TKP Pensioen has grown into one of the largest pension providers of the Netherlands. More than 25 industry-wide and company pension funds, and some 3.3 million Dutch residents now trust in TKP’s service provision. TKP Investments was part of TKP until 2011, after which it continued independently. Thanks to our shared clients, we frequently work together. This enables us to (continue to) provide our clients with the best integrated service provision. If you would like to know more about TKP’s service provision, visit: TKPPensioen.nl


Logo_Stap_Algemeen_PensioenfondsStap is a General Pension Fund, which gives pension funds the opportunity to continue together with other parties. Stap was set up by pension provider TKP and insurer Aegon and provides contemporary pension programs, satisfying all requirements for professionalism stipulated by DNB at a much lower cost. Stap gives employers the opportunity to join a pension fund without high guarantee costs, but with a good program as part of a large collective. In 2016, Stap selected TKP Investments as outsourcing partner for its asset management. If you would like more information about what Stap may be able to offer your pension fund, visit: Stappensioen.nl

Certification and codes of conduct

In addition to partnerships with the organizations above, we are also affiliated with institutes that set the codes of conduct in the asset management industry. Read an overview of standards and certifications, such as GIPS, CFA en the DUFAS Code with which TKP Investments is affiliated.

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Affiliated organisations