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Fiduciary management

At TKP Investments, we offer a full-service fiduciary management solution, also known as Comprehensive Balance Sheet Management. We can fully cater for your organization in terms of asset management and strategic advice. And because our services are organized in modules, you can also opt to purchase one or more partial solutions.

That’s what makes us an asset to your investments. Your wishes are the starting point for our wide range of services. That’s why providing a tailor-made service is standard practice for us. And because our service provision has been organized in modules, you decide whether to opt for a full-service solution or a combination of partial solutions. That means you’re fully in control.

Modular service provision

Thanks to the modular structure, you can fully tailor our service offerings to your own needs and wishes. This means that your organization remains fully in control. You can purchase Comprehensive Balance Sheet Management from us as a full-service solution or select from the following partial solutions:

Strategic advice

Your strategic investment policy has a major impact on your balance sheet risks, and by extension on your organization’s objectives. Our Investment Strategy team advises you on the optimal investment mix for the risk budget you have available, and performs Asset Liability Management (ALM) studies. Read more about our strategic advice service.

Multi-management investments

In addition to strategic advice, you can choose from our broad range of attractive investment solutions. Our multi-management investment team selects the best-in-class asset managers worldwide. The range of investing styles increases the chance of stable, above-average returns. Read more about our multi-management investments.

Administration and reporting

Clear reporting is essential for gaining useful insights into the current status of your investment portfolio. We provide transparent reports that are fully tailored to your wishes. Read more about our client reports.

Account management

Whichever services you choose, we always put together a team of specialists especially for you. Your account manager is your first point of contact and sparring partner. He or she plays a central and proactive role, and answers all your questions. Your account manager also provides a clear explanation of the policy pursued during board meetings. Read more about account management.

Want to know more about our fiduciary management solutions and modular service provision? Get in touch:

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