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Multi-management strategy

Our multi-management strategy is key to our investment solutions. We select the best-in-class asset managers worldwide, so that you have access to an international network of investment experts. TKP Investments’ multi-management strategy has proven its worth as a successful investment approach.

Above-average return thanks to best-in-class asset managers

Thanks to our structured and disciplined selection process, we have only the best external managers investing for you. That’s what makes our multi-manager team an asset to your investments. We select the various asset managers on the basis of their investing style, expertise and capacity. Our approach ensures a range of investment styles from a number of best-in-class asset managers. This enhances the chances of stable and above-average returns.

Intensive manager selection process

We start the investment process with a robust and intensive selection process to appoint external managers according to region, theme, and/or investment strategy. After an extensive operational due diligence and site visit, our multi-management team selects the best external managers. We continually monitor and assess their performance according to various criteria, including portfolio information, company news, attribution analyses, and risk and return criteria.

Broad range of investment funds

We offer you a broad range of attractive investment funds. You can put together your own investment mix from a large number of actively or passively managed investment funds in various regions and investment categories. If you want to change the strategic investment mix, we can arrange that for you quickly and cost-effectively. Our investment funds are suitable for pension funds, charitable institutions, and other institutional investors.

Fiscally transparent

Our investment funds are fiscally transparent (with the exception of the TKPI European Real Estate Fund). With our Mutual Funds, you profit from economies of scale and tax facilities. The dividend and refundable dividend tax accrue to the investment funds, and increase the return on your investments. The international investment funds are structured as UCITS and are also fiscally transparent.

Discretionary mandate

TKP Investments can also manage your assets via discretionary mandates. In this case, we carefully consider your specific investment wishes so that our experts can offer you a suitable investment solution. Discretionary mandates offer a high degree of transparency and flexibility. The selection is based on several criteria, including your own investment philosophy, sustainability criteria, and an exclusion list. You can also combine a discretionary mandate with multi-manager investment funds, of course.

For more information about our investment solutions, please contact Rik Verhoeven. 

TKP Investments - Head of International Business - Rik VerhoevenRik Verhoeven
Head of International Business Development
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