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Risk management

Risk management is one of the cornerstones of prudent and professional asset management. Managing risks is, after all, an ongoing part of the investment process. At TKP Investments, we have fully integrated the day-to-day management of risks into our processes. So you can rely on the service and quality we provide.

Management of investment risks

Good risk management calls for an integrated approach. That’s why risk management and compliance monitoring take place at different levels in our organization. Investment risks are managed at the level of the client portfolio, the individual investment funds, and the individual external asset managers.

Portfolio construction

We use an Asset Liability Management (ALM) study to deem the risks that are acceptable and necessary to achieve your objectives. We then advise you on the optimal composition of your portfolio and the accompanying risk management strategies. The portfolio construction ensures that the actual balance sheet risks are optimally attuned to your investment policy and objectives.

Risk management for your investment portfolio

We monitor the investment risks in your portfolio on a daily basis. We also monitor the implementation of the risk management strategies and the actions taken by the external asset managers. We use reliable systems and models to monitor the balance sheet risks.

Tailored solutions

We offer tailored solutions to manage financial risks, such as interest rate and exchange risks – for example, by hedging the interest rate risk with a physical bond portfolio in combination with interest rate swaps. We can also carry out collateral management for you. In our advice on interest rate hedging and currency hedging, we take into account the characteristics of the different investment categories and current market conditions.

Detailed risk reports

Every quarter, you receive detailed reports from us. We provide an explanation of the market developments along with insight into the (relative) performance of your investments, including an attribution analysis. For pension funds, we also provide insight into what impact an interest rate shock would have on the funding ratio, for instance. In quarterly risk reports, we map out the various risks, including the interest rate, exchange, credit and concentration risks. You get to decide the level of detail you’d like us to report.

Internal risk management

Our own internal risk management is also very important to us. Through the ISAE 3402 type II report, we give you insight into the structure and functioning of TKP Investments’ internal control.

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