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ALM studies and feasibility studies

The optimal composition of your investment portfolio starts with a thorough Asset Liability Management (ALM) study. Our ALM studies map out the expected income, expenditure and long-term risks for institutional investors. We also show how changes to the investment strategy can affect those long-term risks. This gives you concrete insight into how you can best achieve your organization’s objectives.

Customized ALM study

We carry out ALM studies for institutional investors, usually in cooperation with TKP Pensioen. Before we conduct such a study, we first map out your wishes together with you. Do you need a full ALM study or are you looking for a specific analysis? We perform a fully customized ALM study for you.

ALM studies for pension funds

With our complete ALM study for pension funds, we give you insight into the expected development in the premium, indexation, pension result, any reductions and the funding ratio. We show you the risks associated with a particular pension scheme or policy. In doing so, we map out the likelihood of a possible reserve or funding deficit, and what the chances are of achieving an indexation goal.

Feasibility study

In addition to ALM studies, we also perform feasibility studies for pension funds. The Pensions Act stipulates that a pension fund must periodically conduct a feasibility study. This gives you insight into the connections between the financial structure, the expected pension result, and the accompanying risks.

Other analyses for pension funds

In addition to ALM studies and feasibility studies, we also perform other analyses for pension funds. This could include a recovery plan and analyses of the premium policy, the indexation policy, and the investment policy.

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