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Investment strategy

In order to offer good advice on your investment strategy, we first focus on your own investment philosophy. In doing so, we ask the following questions:

  • What is your risk appetite?
  • What is your view of Socially Responsible Investment? How far do you want to incorporate this into your investment strategy?
  • How dynamic do you want your strategy to be? Do you want a portfolio with a stable or variable risk budget?
  • What is your attitude towards active versus passive management? Do you believe that active management adds value? And if so, in which markets?
  • What is your view of derivatives? How complex can your derivatives strategy be?
  • What future economic developments do you expect? How do you want to incorporate these expectations into your strategy, and how often do you want to adjust your strategy as a result?

The answers to these questions form not only the basis for your investment philosophy, but also the starting point for our discussion.

We challenge you

We challenge you to take a critical look at all your answers together with our strategic advisers, by analyzing their consistency or feasibility, for example. Our knowledge and experience can help you do this.

A concrete investment strategy for the long term

We then translate your investment philosophy into a concrete investment strategy. The outcomes of an ALM study can serve as the point of departure for this. In determining your investment strategy, we take into account your available risk budget, valuations, liquidity, and the contribution to inflation protection. We also look at the restrictions imposed by relevant legislation and regulation. For pension funds, for instance, these are the regulations set out by the Financial Assessment Framework (FTK).

Determining an investment plan

After your investment philosophy and long-term investment strategy have been established, we can help you with your investment plan.

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