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Responsible Investment Report Aegon Asset Management 2016

Profitable and sustainable growth is important to us, but so is helping to make a brighter future for our clients, communities, society and the environment we work in. Responsible Investment is about making sure we take environmental, social and governance factors into account when we invest. It’s also about targeting some of our investments in areas we know will bring definite social or environmental benefits, as well as financial returns.

Socially Responsible Investing, also referred to as attention to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects, is a priority for us. We are convinced that this enables us to achieve the best results for you as a client. Sustainability plays a role in all our investing solutions.

Climate change – Through an investor’s lens

“We have the power and the social obligation to use our investment capacity to make a difference. The dilemma remains whether what you and we do together is enough to achieve the scale and velocity of change required to protect our communities for future generations,” explains Sarah Russell, CEO of Aegon Asset Management.

In this edition of the Responsible Investment Report, Marianne Oomkes, senior account manager at TKP Investments, joined the article Best Practices in Developing SRI Funds at Aegon Asset Management (pages 76-79 of the report). In this article, she tells how the World Equity Index SRI Fund for our client Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, has been established.

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