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Partnership with Aegon Asset Management

We work closely with Aegon Asset Management (AAM) to increase attention to sustainability in our investment policy.

Strategic policy of Aegon Asset Management (AAM)

AAM drafted a new strategic policy in 2015. One of the policy’s most important strategic objectives is Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). We’re working with AAM to achieve their SRI objectives.

10 steps to responsible investing

Together with AAM, we have developed a model that serves as a framework to guide discussion about responsible investing. This model is described in detail in the article “ESG calls for a dynamic approach” (in Dutch), which appeared in the Financial Investigator. An extract from the article:

“The ‘Responsible investing in 10 steps’ model was drawn up in response to discussions with clients, mostly pension fund directors, who wanted to know how we have made sustainability into a part of our processes. We talked about the steps that have been taken since 2007 and the questions we asked ourselves in that process, for example, about whether or not to sign the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). But also about how you should deal with exclusions, how you should organize engagement, and so forth. We saw that our experiences gave the clients good insight into the considerations that a pension fund must make.”

Responsible Investment Report

AAM publishes an annual Responsible Investment Report. It sets out what we, together with AAM and on behalf of our clients, have achieved, and what we still want to achieve in the area of sustainability. To find out more about AAM’s policy in relation to socially responsible investing, download the full Responsible Investment Report.

For more information about responsible investing, read our vision on sustainable investment.

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